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OilPro Maintenance procedure.


Information on how maintenance on your OilPro Oil Management System works, who is responsible for what and how to arrange for assistance.


The OilPro Oil Management System is one component of the workshop lubrication equipment, which will include items such as storage tanks, pumps, pipes, drainers, tanks, valves, cabling, dispensing nozzles/hoses etc.  It is necessary to establish who owns the equipment and also always a good idea to keep record of which company installed the equipment.


·         If it is the workshop / dealership’s equipment, then they need to pay for any maintenance or repairs that may be required.  They can contact the original installer or anyone that they deem competent to carry out the work.*  

·         If the equipment is owned by an oil company, who had initially put the job out to tender and paid a lubrication equipment company to install the equipment,  that oil company is responsible for maintaining the equipment and paying for maintenance.   Oil companies sometimes provide the lubrication equipment as part of a deal that they enter into with the group/dealership/franchise – in return for selling oil/lubrication consumables to them, and they retain ownership of the equipment for the duration of that deal.   The particulars of the deal will determine the ownership at various points of the lifespan of the equipment.   So the usual procedure in case of a fault or maintenance:   The dealership informs the oil supplier/ oil company of any fault or maintenance required, the oil supplier will then commission the original installer or anyone that they deem competent to carry out the work.   Contractors will make arrangements and arrive on site with official job cards/orders from the owner of the equipment, specifying the work to be done.


We as Electronic Art Display are the original equipment manufacturer and supplier of  the OilPro Oil Management System.  The lubrication equipment companies buy our product as one of the components needed for a full lubrication equipment installation.  Our system is the electronic controller box, OilPro keypads, the OilPro Software and operator tags. 



*Because our equipment is specialized, we sell only to lubrication equipment contractors that we have appointed and trained as OilPro Distributors, and we recommend that only those companies are commissioned to carry out any maintenance on OilPro equipment.  We publish a list of OilPro Distributors and their contact numbers on our web site – .   In exceptional cases we do carry out work on site for the customer directly or for oil companies, if the contractors are unable to do so, but it is not our main focus and we do not have a full maintenance team available for this purpose.   

We do assist end-users with software related issues.  The support service that we offer is organized as follows:


  • Free software support via our helpdesk ticketing system-  (excludes site visits) or
  • Priority software support via TeamViewer for which we charge a fee, payable upfront.
  • On the occasion where we are required to visit a customer’s premises to assess the problem or carry out work, we will provide a quotation and the payment is required upfront, after which the work will be scheduled.


NOTE:  In cases where the equipment is owned by an oil supplier, their contracts with the Group/Dealership usually excludes the provision of integration between the OilPro System and the DMS (Dealer Management Software) (where information is sent electronically by the OilPro System to the DMS, in order to cut out unnecessary duplication of work and to ensure that oil used is charged for). 

Electronic Art Display assists OilPro Distributors with this add-on functionality.  We charge the distributor for the facility and the work, they pass on the charge to their customer. 

If the equipment is owned by the Dealership directly, we will quote them directly to provide the integration software and the installation thereof (this is always a collaboration between us and the DMS owner). 

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