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Reel doesn’t dispense


A.    Reported Problem:

·         Trying to dispense oil at a reel, but no oil comes out.

·         All steps on Keypad are followed and qty is specified.  This indicates that it is not a validation / software issue.


B.      Likely Reason

  • If all reels for the same product presents with this problem it is most likely a faulty pump issue
  • Compressor off / not enough air pressure in pipeline
  • If the problem presents itself only at this reel and no problem is experienced at the other reels for the same product it is likely to be a solenoid not opening issue.

C.      What to do:

  •              G o through a dispensing request at reel in question and check the following:

·         Two green lights should be on at the Main Unit indicating that the oil solenoid has been activated as well as the air solenoid to pressurize the line for that product.  These two lights are on the Relay Cards.  Do not confuse one with a power light elsewhere on the display.

o   If both lights are on it indicates that the Main Unit has activated what it should have and the problem then lies with the ancilliary equipment used in the installation.  Check the pump, compressor and ball valves.  Compressor might be off / set too low,

o   If only one of the lights are on it needs further investigation to determine if a wire is loose / damaged or if there is damage to the pc board in the Main Unit.  If this is the case a call out will be required.

·         Log a call so that the installation contractor can inspect.
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