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Most Common Messages on the Keypad and what it means







Job not found”

OilPro Main controller cannot find the job number that was entered on the Keypad by the technician / operator in the OilPro Active Jobcard Database under the Accounting Integration Menu.

1.        If integrated then check if the integration program is running.  This will load all current job cards into the Active Jobcard Database found under Accounting Integration Menu. 

·          Click Refresh Grid at top left corner to refresh grid with all new jobcards.

·          Click once on any job number to activate the column then start typing the jobcard number that is in question to see if it is there.

2.        Check what number the technician is actually entering on the Keypad.  Could simply be a finger issue.

3.        If DMS is offline  – Use Create Jobcard utility to allow dispensing on a temporary jobcard.  Remember this has to be transferred to a valid jobcard once the DMS is online and that number appears in the Active Jobcard list.

4.        If the OilPro system is not integrated with the DMS  – Use Create Jobcard utility to allow dispensing on that job number if it is a valid request.


Over Maximum”

Technician is trying to dispense more oil than what is allowed for that job cardor he is exceeding the number of times

1.        Go to Accounting Integration – Active Jobcards

2.        Find the Job Card

3.        Double click to open it

4.        See what qty is set as MAX and what is logged as Qty Taken.  That is because what was taken will be deducted off the MAX qty to give the allowed qty.

5.        Also check the MAX Times.  The number can be used a limited number of times as specified in the WHITE column for the product.  If the GREY column matches the WHITE column then that will block them from using the product again.

6.        MAX Qty and MAX Times (White) can be increased if needed.  It is up to the discretion of management.

(Maximum qty default is specified per product under the product’s information screen)


Tank Empty”

No oil in tanks according to OilPro software

Follow the Stock adjustment procedure or stock update procedure.


Waiting for coms”

The network to the OilPro keypad is down

Log a call – chip needs to be replaced.  OilPro or contractor need to go out and replace damaged chip in system and/or Keypad.


PC Offline”

OilPro Main controller cannot see computer to validate anything

Check if OilPro Server engine(car icon bottom left of screen) is running and if it is flashing. Right click on the little car icon, select Close and wait till the icon disappears then restart it by double clicking the shortcut (OilPro Server Engine) on the desktop.  If the icon is not flashing, inspect:

·          Is the cable plugged in, both the pc side and the controller box side,

·          Any messages pop up when restarting?  Submit a ticket.


Product Busy

R?? using meter”

System already activated

Check which point is activated. If lights are on but no oil comes out, check air pressure. If no lights are on switch the Main controller off for 5s then on again.


Date & Time flashes on Keypad display, instead of the normal alternating between Date & Time

Short somewhere on the cabling due to damage / cut wires

Log a call - Contractor needs to go out and check.

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