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Car (OilPro Server engine) in system tray is not flashing


A.    Where do you get this message?

·         Main computer loaded with the OilPro Server Engine


B.      What effect does this have?

·         System offline message appears on Keypad when technician wants to dispense,  no dispensing will be possible on normal technician tags/pin codes.

·         The Main Controller units cannot communicate with the OilPro Database and therefore cannot validate the job number used, no dispensing will be possible on normal technician tags/pin codes.


C.    What to do?

1.      Check Installation

·         Check if main system is switched on

·         Check if pc cable is plugged in (both at box and pc)

·         Check COMPORT – could be faulty


2.      Check comport settings:

·         Right click on car, go to Module Status/Setting.  Click on Local Settings.  Stop the 'Reading System Information'.  See which comport e.g. Com 2.  Is selected.  This comport must correspond with the comport allocated by Windows.  [Check comports under Control Panel/System/Device Manager/Comports.] 


3.      Check if coms cable is perhaps picked up as a mouse:

·         Right click on My Computer icon on desktop

·         Select Properties

·         Look for the Device Manager (Hardware tab)

·         Click on the Device Manager

·         Click on the + next to Mice and other pointer devices

·         If it picks the cable up as a mouse it will be listed as Microsoft Serial Ballpoint

·         Right click on Microsoft Serial Ballpoint

·         There must be an option "Disable", select/click on it

·         If will give a security message that the device will not function properly, that is ok.

·         Close the car

·         Open the car (server) again.  Comms should be ok.


4.      Check if USB-to-Serial-Port-Adapter (if installed):

·         Unplugadapter either at port on adapter or at the pc.

·         Wait a few second so it dumps / resets itself.

·         Close Server engine

·         Plug the adapter in again – make sure it is in the same port at the pc side!

·         Restart the server engine.


5.      PC comport might be damaged

·         Try another comport if available, if not use an OilPro USB-to-Serial port adapter/isolator.


6.      Program not activated

·         Right click on OilPro Server Engine (car in taskbar) and select Open.

·         Bottom of the window displays the registration status.  Should say either Single User License or Multi User License as well as the site name.


7.      Error message jamming up the server engine

·         E.g. invalid time format – even though formats are correct under the Windows Regional settings.  Check if it is a system that is integrated with Automate.  The Report file in the Integration folder could be logging gobblygook.  Check.

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