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Error initializing Comport


1.    Where do you get this message?

·         When the OilPro server engine is started.


2.    Why do you get this message?

·         The comport that is used by the OilPro system has been assigned to something else by Windows.


3.    Whatto do:

A.   Check if coms cable is perhaps picked up as a mouse: (Cable directly into comport)

·         Right click on My Computer icon on desktop

·         Select Properties

·         Look for the Device Manager (Hardware tab)

·         Click on the Device Manager

·         Click on the + next to Mice and other pointer devices

·         If it picks the cable up as a mouse it will be listed as Microsoft Serial Ballpoint

·         Right click on Microsoft Serial Ballpoint

·         Select Properties

·         There must be an option "Disable", select/click on it

·         If will give a security message that the device will not function properly, that is ok.

·         Close the car

·         Open the car (server) again.  Comms should be ok.

B.    If using a USB-To-Serial Port adapter:

·         Right click on the OilPro server engine icon in the task manager and “Open” it.

·         Click on “Local Settings” button

·         Click “Stop” on Reading System information

·         On the screen that is open see which Port number is selected.  Com 1, Com 2, Com 3 or Com 4.  Keep this screen open.

·         Click on the normal Start button

·         Look for Computer or My Computer and Right click on it.  Click on “Properties” (WinXP)  or “Manage”  (Win7)

·         WinXP – Click on Hardware Tab and then Device Manager.  Win 7 – Click on Device Manager in list on left.

·         In the Device Manager go to Ports (Com and LPT) and expand to see what is listed there.

·         OilPro should be listed with a comport number next to it.  This comport number must correspond with the OilPro Server Local Settings.  If it doesn’t and:

o   If the OilPro device is listed with a comport higher than 4 then

§  Right click on the OilPro device and click on Properties

§  Click on Port Settings

§  Click on Advanced

§  Drop open the list of Port Numbers at the bottom.

§  Select the same one as the one selected on the OilPro Server Local Settings.  This comport might say already in use.  Select it anyway.

§  Click Accept until you see the number reflecting in the device manager next to OilPro.

§  Close the OilPro Server Engine and restart it.

o   If the OilPro device is listed with the same comport number as selected under OilPro Server Local Settings then:

§  Unplug the Usb-to-Serial port adapter

§  Wait 30 seconds

§  Plug it back into the same USB port

o   Restart the OilPro Server Engine.


·         If still an issue, restart the computer.

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