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Guide To Why a Touch Button Does Not Work


Problem 1:          Tag touched to keypad – doesn’t go through to the job number.

1.       The tag reader is dirty

a.       Clean the reader

2.       Tag not set up

a.       Check the software – View all Users

3.       System not activated for tags but for pincodes

a.       Check User Profile (Modify a User) to see which of the authentication methods are available:  Pin Codes or 12 Digit Code for Tag field.

4.       Tag set up incorrectly

a.       Check number in software – must be all caps, no letter o in number, will be zero’s

5.       Tag de-activated in software

a.       Check under View all Users if the check box is checked or not.  Activate / de-activate under Modify User Information

6.       No tag number specified in software

a.       Check under View all Users if the iButton field has a 12 digit code specified.  If there is no code specified this user cannot dispense.

7.       Check if the database where the Users are set up is the database connected to the OilPro Controller:

a.       Check IP address of database – right click server engine (car that’s flashing) and select Open.  IP address shows bottom left corner

b.       Start OilPro Client – What IP address shows up in Databases found?  Select the correct one.

c.       (there could be an old database somewhere on the network, it is found when the Client is started.  Person logs into that database by accident and sets up users on that database, which is not the database talking to the Main Controller Unit)

8.       Check if Date and Time are flashing or alternating.  If flashing it indicates a short somewhere.  Refer to Trouble shooting point 13.


Problem 2:          Tag touched to keypad, job number is entered, but cannot get oil.

1.       Validations not met, dispensing blocked

2.       Validations:

a.       Job number, ie wrong job number used (Keypad will keep asking for a job number)

b.       Times maxed ie job number has been used up (by default one can use the job number twice per product) (Keypad will display 0 litres oil available)

c.       Litres maxed ie oil already taken and operator trying to dispense more (Keypad will display 0 litres oil available)

d.       Litres maxed ie trying to take more than what is allowed for job card (Keypad will say OVER MAXIMUM)

e.       NO oil according to software ie the theoretical level of the oil has reached the cut off level.  (Keypad will say TANK EMPTY)

3.       Check if someone didn’t activate long job number format under Local Settings.  Older versions (not V4) cannot accommodate this option.

a.       Right Click on Server Engine in Taskbar and select Open

b.       Click on Local Settings

c.       Check that the option “Disable long job number format” is selected.


Problem 3:          Tag touched to keypad job number is entered, goes through all steps, but cannot get oil.

1.       Check if TWO green lights go on at the Main controller unit on the RELAY CARDS (Remember there is also a green power light).

a.       One light for the oil solenoid to allow oil to flow

b.       One light for the air solenoid to pressurize the pipeline

2.       IF the controller shows two green lights and they cannot get oil it means the pump is not working, also check compressor

3.       IF the main controller unit shows one green light only it indicates a problem on the system side.  Log a call.

Problem 4:          Technician goes through all steps and then Keypad shows System Offline.

4.       Indicates a Max chip in controller is packing up.  Will have to be replaced.

Problem 5:          Keypad shows Waiting for Comms.

Indicates a Max chip in controller has blown due to lightning / power surges. This will have to be replaced

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